5 sites to view before college!

5 Apr

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Choosing which college to attend can be a tough decision. This site includes a college matchmaker where you can enter in the things you look for in a college, such as; location, majors, and admission requirements. The site also includes information on SAT and CLEP tests. You can even view descriptions on majors and careers.


These days the cost of education can be a burden. Here you can find information on scholarships; how to get them and which ones are available to you. Scholarships are added to their database everyday. There is even a search for internship opportunities.


Having the right professor plays a significant role in your education experience. View the comments of other students here before registering for classes.


FAFSA= Free Application for Federal Student Aid! So, you’ve applied to college, got in, and now its time to pay and you’ll need all the money you can get. Apply for grants and loans for your education here.


If you want to know what a college is like before you get there from a student’s point of view, check this site out! Students can rate colleges by their education quality, social life, safety, surrounding city and other aspects of interest!



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