Vision Book

5 Nov


My Vision Book

I got the idea to do a Vision Book from none other than Necole Bitchie herself. A Vision Book can simply be a photo album or scrapbook of magazine clippings and photos of your goals and dreams. Just cut out words that relate to a dream that you have for yourself and add more as time goes on. Then a few months or a year from the time you start it, look back at it to see how much you have accomplished.

I cut out words that define what I want to become, like: Inspiration (to others), Contributor (to the World), happy, and successful. I cut out clippings of books that I want to read, things I want to try, stuff I want to buy, sayings that inspire me, and pictures of how I vision myself in the future. Try cutting out a picture of the current year and placing it on the front of your Vision Book to keep track of when you started.

You don’t have to use a photo album or scrapbook;  try making a Vision Board or make one online at if you like.

I thought is was a great idea as well as a list that I had made, a list of just random things I wanted to do!

Article that inspired me to create a Vision Book:

How to create a Vision Book:


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