What ever happened to customer service?!

12 Nov


Why is it so rare to go into a store and find a worker who treats you well? Do they no longer teach customer service skills to workers in retail and food industries? If a customer can walk in and tell which workers are in a bad mood or just plain rude, than certainly the managers know it too. These days there are so many people who need a job and anyone can be replaced. Either treat customers with respect or lose your job. If every time someone comes in your place of business and is treated harshly, you will lose customers, plain and simple.

Of course we all have had jobs we dread going to, had bad days, or dealt with difficult people on the job. This is still not an excuse to lash out on the customer. It’s even as bad as workers making negative comments about customers thinking they don’t hear them.

Try calling to make a Doctor’s appointment or call to have an issue with your phone service fixed and the rudeness begins. Yet, the calls are recorded and nothing is being done. Then when you go to a certain restaurant and the same person is always rude to you and you always complain, then why are they still working there?! Is it favoritism?

Negative energy is not lost, but transferred from one party to the next. It’s Newton’s Theory. Bad customer service can cause someone else to have an attitude or mess up their day. Some people just shrug it off. Either way it is wrong for any worker to treat a customer bad or be rude to anyone while on duty.


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