Wives vs Reality T.V.

13 Nov

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Image via Wikipedia


There are so many reality T.V. shows based on wives, but many on the show are not wives at all. Most of the women have divorced or have never even been married. On most occasions, women who don’t cause enough drama get kicked off the show. Is America obsessed with drama? If there was a reality t.v. show based on wives that were ALL positive role models, would the ratings be as high? Sure these shows are most people’s guilty pleasure, but a positive show or two wouldn’t hurt. Of course there are positive T.V. shows that reflect other people’s real lives, like The Cosby Show. It just would be nice to see a reality show that reflects the same positive images. There are, scripted T.V. shows focused on wives, like Desperate Housewives and Army Wives. Each show, reality or not, reflects a viewer’s personality and family. Not to say that any of these shows are bad, just stating the obvious. As far as the reality T.V. shows, if you’re going to throw the word “wives” in the title, at least be true to it.

Again, most women on these so-called “wives” shows, are not even married. Real Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County, New York, New Jersey, D.C., Miami, and Beverly Hills; all had women who were either divorced or never been married. Not to mention Basketball Wives, Basketball Wives L.A., and Mob Wives. Although, some of these shows had more married women than others. All guilty pleasures for most of us, but either the word “wives” should get taken out or more positive shows should be made, or both.

Another “wives” show is now in development: Wall Street Wives. The show may turn out no different from the rest, but most of us will probably be tuning in to find out and adding it to the guilty pleasures list.


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