10 Things Babies Born in 2012 May Never Know About

12 Jan


English: Picture of three Michigan Yellow Book...

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1. Phone Books

These days a phone number for a company can be looked up via the Internet and cell phones. Since cell phone numbers aren’t listed in phone books and few homes these days have land-line phones, this eliminates the need for phone books even more.

2. Cassette Tapes

They may not know about records, 8-tracks, a Walkman or CD’s either. Ipods, MP3 players, and Satellite radio are the source for music now.

3. Watches

While some people still wear them, others check for the time on their smartphones.

4. Paper Maps

Many people today can’t read a paper map and a GPS is all most need.

5. Myspace

While Myspace was once the hottest social media network, Facebook and Twitter have taken over.

6. Mail

These days an e-mail or text will do and get the message their instantly. When it comes to bills, they can be checked and paid for online.

7. Cheap gas

Gone are the days of getting gas for $0.99 or less a gallon. Even though gas prices occasionally decrease, they may never reach a few cents a gallon again.

8. Video Game Cartridges

They’ll never have to blow into a game cartridge to get it to work on a game console.

9. Typewriters

Now a letter can be typed using Microsoft Word and printed or simply sent via e-mail.

10. Cursive

Very few schools still require students to learn to write in cursive and many people today don’t know how.



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