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Cinnamon Soul

2 Dec

It has been a long time since I have posted here. Since my last post I have moved back to North Carolina, had a baby, moved into my own apartment, bought another car, became a certified nursing assistant, took on 2 jobs, fell out of love, became a vegan, a crunchy parent, and became a stronger person. I have renamed a blog that I already had posted about here. It is a long story as to why, but you can check me out at


Brown Sugar Soul

4 Jul

Posted By: Candace

Hello everyone! Please visit my new blog:


I created Brown Sugar Soul to encourage health, spiritual growth, and confidence. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me via the contact form below.

Job Search Websites

16 May

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It isn’t getting any easier for people to find jobs. No matter how much experience or education one may have; it is tough for everybody. I myself am searching for a job. I spend my days job hunting, updating my resume, studying for school, blogging, and trying to stay in shape. I plan to relocate next year to finish school and that may be the best thing for me. I live in a decent sized city in North Carolina and even Craigslist‘s job section is looking dry. Here are some websites to use for job hunting:


27 Mar



I am so annoyed with not being able to find a job. The first time a bunch of jobs became available that I could do, they were all in North Dakota. I live in North Carolina and they weren’t offering relocation assistance. One can see my frustration there. The jobs that do become available around my way are all retail and fast food; these days even those are rare. When I was 13, I remember seeing “Now Hiring” signs in every window. After college, there is no guarantee in getting a job related to your degree. Of all my friends with degrees, only few work in their degree field. I recently read in a magazine that employers are skeptical of hiring people who have been unemployed for some time. That is when my frustration escalated!

Natural Hair

26 Jan


Please check out my new website on Natural Hair and other things that I love!

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