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Brown Sugar Soul

4 Jul

Posted By: Candace

Hello everyone! Please visit my new blog:


I created Brown Sugar Soul to encourage health, spiritual growth, and confidence. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me via the contact form below.


10 Black Celebrities with College Degrees

8 Nov


Rashida Jones

  • Actress and daughter of Quincy Jones.
  • Known for her roles in I Love You, Man and The Social Network.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Religion & Philosophy from Harvard University.

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Hill Harper

  • Actor, Philanthropist and Author.
  • Best known for his roles on For Colored Girls and CSI: NY.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Brown University.
  • Master’s and Juris Doctorate in Public Administration from Harvard University Law School.

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Gabrielle Union

  • Actress.
  • Best known for her roles on Bring It On and Two Can Play That Game.
  • Bachelor’s in Sociology from UCLA.

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David Alan Grier

  • Actor and comedian.
  • Best known for his roles on In Living Color and Jumanji.
  • Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.
  • Master’s degree in Drama from Yale University.

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Ryan Leslie

  • Singer, Producer and Songwriter.
  • Popular songs: Gibberish and Addiction.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Government & Economics from Harvard University.

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Sanaa Lathan

  • Actress.
  • Best known for her roles in Love & Basketball and The Family That Preys.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Drama from Yale University.

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Tatyana Ali

  • Actress and singer.
  • Best known for her role as Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Afro-American History and Government from Harvard University.

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Angela Bassett

  • Actress.
  • Best known for her roles in Waiting to Exhale and What’s Love Got to do With It?
  • Bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies from Yale University.
  • Master’s degree in Drama from Yale University.

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam

  • Actress.
  • Best known for her role as Rudy on The Cosby Show.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Spelman COLLEGE.

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Holly Robinson Peete

  • Actress and talk show host.
  • Best known for her role on Hanging with Mr. Cooper.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and French from Sarah Lawrence College.

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Other Black Celebrities with degrees:

  • John Legend (Singer)
  • Aisha Tyler (Comedienne)
  • Courtney B. Vance (Actor)
  • Vanessa Williams (Actress & Singer)
  • Denzel Washington (Actor)
  • Lance Gross (Actor)
  • Spike Lee (Producer & Actor)
  • Taraji P. Henson (Actress & Singer)
  • Terry McMillan (Author)
  • Terrence Howard (Actor)
  • Joe Torry (Actor)
  • Shaquille O’Neal (Professional Basketball Player)
  • Terrence J (TV Personality)


Black to the South

6 Nov

Collage of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Yes, you read that right! More and more blacks are packing up and heading down South to live. Why? The homes are bigger and the rent is cheaper. Not to mention job growth, family ties and improving racial relations. Down South is becoming the new land of opportunity.

Once upon a time, Blacks moved to the North in search of a better life. This movement is known as, The Great Migration, where over 6 million Blacks moved from the South to the North, from 1910 to 1930. Since 1965 a Reverse Migration has taken effect and with all the opportunities of the New South, it’s not hard to see why. Denene Millner of Ebony magazine reported,”Texas and Georgia have attracted the most Black college graduates. 57% of Black Americans live below the Mason-Dixon line.”

After taking a trip down to San Antonio, Texas and touring huge homes with affordable prices, I wanted to move even further South, my home-state being North Carolina. I saw model homes with 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, two dining areas, a movie theater, a study, 3 car garage, and game rooms for less than $250,000. I’ll even go as far as saying that most of the affordable homes in Texas put homes aired on MTV Cribs to shame. Same as when I went to Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville homes were large with prices as low as $90,000. The homes in Alabama were impressive, to say the least, but of course everything is bigger in Texas. Great homes with low prices are found all throughout the South. I had once considered moving up North. As much as I love New York City, I am not willing to dish out $2,000 or more a month for a tiny, run down apartment. So, a visit will have to suffice.

Some Southern cities to consider:

1. Atlanta, Georgia

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2. Charlotte, North Carolina

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3. Charleston, South Carolina

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4. San Antonio, Texas

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5. Huntsville, Alabama

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Other cities:

Austin, Texas; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Mobile, Alabama; Augusta, Georgia; Louisville, Kentucky; Knoxville, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Greensboro, North Carolina.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

3 Nov



This is a question I am almost afraid to ask. When I was younger the response to this question was mostly: a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, fireman, and the list goes on. My answer always changed, but I wanted to be everything from an engineer to a basketball player, a senator, a judge, and wanted to join the military as young as 8 years old. I ended up becoming a writer and hope to one day become a History Professor. The military dream may or may not be in my future.

These days it seems like more and more people want to be singers, actresses, dancers, athletes, and models. These people are glorified in the media and with the right publicity can earn millions. Who wouldn’t want to earn millions? With so many wanting to model and act, it makes you wonder who will run the hospitals in the future. Sure there is nothing wrong with wanting to sing or play football or any other careers listed above, if you have the talent, but they’re all hard fields to get into. If it’s your dream to do any of those jobs, don’t give up on it.

Some people are willing to do anything to get fame though. This is not always positive. When you have females sleeping with men to get ahead, stripping or doing porn to pay for college, men aspiring to be drug dealers, or basically selling their souls to the devil; then we have a problem. Let’s not be blind, this stuff does go on folks. To me its just taking the easy way out because there are a lot of people who don’t want to work hard for anything these days. If your biggest goal in life is to pose naked for Playboy or do porn for fame, then you need to set new goals and higher standards. Let’s take Montana Fishburne, for instance, the daughter of Laurence Fishburne who did a porn flick simply hoping to gain fame like Kim Kardashian. These cannot be children or even young adults role models. Have some class and dignity please. You do not have to be naked or even half naked to get attention!

If you want to act, then act, and be the best at it. If you choose to be a doctor, study hard and it will pay off. Just don’t sell yourself short or damage your integrity to achieve your dreams!

5 sites to view before college

3 Nov

Harvard Yard winter 2009

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Choosing which college to attend can be a tough decision. This site includes a college matchmaker where you can enter in the things you look for in a college, such as; location, majors, and admission requirements. The site also includes information on SAT and CLEP tests. You can even view descriptions on majors and careers.


These days the cost of education can be a burden. Here you can find information on scholarships; how to get them and which ones are available to you. Scholarships are added to their database everyday. There is even a search for internship opportunities.


Having the right professor plays a significant role in your education experience. View the comments of other students here before registering for classes.


FAFSA= Free Application for Federal Student Aid! So, you’ve applied to college, got in, and now its time to pay and you’ll need all the money you can get. Apply for grants and loans for your education here.


If you want to know what a college is like before you get there from a student’s point of view, check this site out! Students can rate colleges by their education quality, social life, safety, surrounding city and other aspects of interest!

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