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Brown Sugar Soul

4 Jul

Posted By: Candace

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A letter to the Black Enterprise Founder

5 Jan


Dear Mr. Earl G. Graves, Sr.,

I read your apology to Dr. King today and I agree with a lot that you said, but not all. I don’t feel that your generation has failed the Black generations after yours at all. It is because of God, Dr. King, and your generation that I have the opportunities of today. This quote comes to mind, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” I say that to say this: my generation has opportunities now, but it’s up to us to pursue them. Can we use more motivation? Does racism still exist? Are there still struggles for our race that need to be overcome? Yes, of course. We have come so far as a people, but we still have a long way to go.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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If Dr. King could look at the changes that have occurred from the 50’s and 60’s until today, I feel that he would be proud. Our race is full of strong people and we know how to come together in the time of need. Sure a memorial in D.C. and a black President won’t solve all our problems, but the fact that a memorial was made in honor of a black man says that your generation never gave up! We all can do more as a people, but you have to know that your generation has not failed mines. Has the justice system failed us? Do we still have a fight on our hands in matters of education, housing, employment, and other issues? Yes, indeed.

You said in your apology, “You left us with an example and a challenge to make a better world for our children. And we’ve failed you.” Well sir I would have to disagree. Yes it was a challenge, but today my generation has choices. We can choose which restaurant we want to eat in by what we are craving; and not be limited to a restaurant that bears a “Coloreds Only” sign. Although we have wonderful Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we are not limited to those.

I agree that more could be done by all generations, but I disagree that your generation has failed mines. If anything my generation owes your generation and Dr. King an apology. Many of us don’t pursue the opportunities that we are given nor do we appreciate them. While some of us have recognized what it took to enjoy the freedoms that we have today, many in my generation have not.

I would like to say thanks to you and those of your generation and before!


Candace Roberts

Mr. Graves apology can be viewed in:

Black Enterprise Magazine

  • December 2011 Edition
  • Publisher’s Page
  • An Apology to Dr. King by Earl G. Graves, Sr.

Wives vs Reality T.V.

13 Nov

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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There are so many reality T.V. shows based on wives, but many on the show are not wives at all. Most of the women have divorced or have never even been married. On most occasions, women who don’t cause enough drama get kicked off the show. Is America obsessed with drama? If there was a reality t.v. show based on wives that were ALL positive role models, would the ratings be as high? Sure these shows are most people’s guilty pleasure, but a positive show or two wouldn’t hurt. Of course there are positive T.V. shows that reflect other people’s real lives, like The Cosby Show. It just would be nice to see a reality show that reflects the same positive images. There are, scripted T.V. shows focused on wives, like Desperate Housewives and Army Wives. Each show, reality or not, reflects a viewer’s personality and family. Not to say that any of these shows are bad, just stating the obvious. As far as the reality T.V. shows, if you’re going to throw the word “wives” in the title, at least be true to it.

Again, most women on these so-called “wives” shows, are not even married. Real Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County, New York, New Jersey, D.C., Miami, and Beverly Hills; all had women who were either divorced or never been married. Not to mention Basketball Wives, Basketball Wives L.A., and Mob Wives. Although, some of these shows had more married women than others. All guilty pleasures for most of us, but either the word “wives” should get taken out or more positive shows should be made, or both.

Another “wives” show is now in development: Wall Street Wives. The show may turn out no different from the rest, but most of us will probably be tuning in to find out and adding it to the guilty pleasures list.

What ever happened to customer service?!

12 Nov


Why is it so rare to go into a store and find a worker who treats you well? Do they no longer teach customer service skills to workers in retail and food industries? If a customer can walk in and tell which workers are in a bad mood or just plain rude, than certainly the managers know it too. These days there are so many people who need a job and anyone can be replaced. Either treat customers with respect or lose your job. If every time someone comes in your place of business and is treated harshly, you will lose customers, plain and simple.

Of course we all have had jobs we dread going to, had bad days, or dealt with difficult people on the job. This is still not an excuse to lash out on the customer. It’s even as bad as workers making negative comments about customers thinking they don’t hear them.

Try calling to make a Doctor’s appointment or call to have an issue with your phone service fixed and the rudeness begins. Yet, the calls are recorded and nothing is being done. Then when you go to a certain restaurant and the same person is always rude to you and you always complain, then why are they still working there?! Is it favoritism?

Negative energy is not lost, but transferred from one party to the next. It’s Newton’s Theory. Bad customer service can cause someone else to have an attitude or mess up their day. Some people just shrug it off. Either way it is wrong for any worker to treat a customer bad or be rude to anyone while on duty.

The Kim Kardashian Syndrome

7 Nov


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As much as I like Kim Kardashian, I have to shed light on her current situation. So, what is the Kim Kardashian Syndrome? It’s simply wanting a wedding and not a marriage. Sure, many of us want to have an over the top wedding, wear the expensive ring, and rock that gorgeous white Vera Wang gown down the aisle; but what about the marriage. Yes, people get married with every intention on it lasting forever. The reality is that most marriages these days barely make it past the first few years. In Kim Kardashian’s case, only 72 days. Some people get married and don’t even know their spouse’s middle names, favorite color, or anything about their past. This is why there are now shows like, Who the Bleep Did I Marry? It doesn’t seem to take much these days for couples to want to untie the knot. Throw in a few financial problems, acceptance of an ex girlfriend’s friend request on Facebook, and even arguments over not taking the trash out; and people are ready to split. Not to say that the friend request should not be questioned, especially if there is infidelity involved.

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Why is there such a lack of commitment? Couples vow before God to love, honor and cherish each other, but after a while they catch amnesia and those vows go down the drain. Another thing, people really shouldn’t rush things like marriage anyway. Many people have time limits on when they’ll do things. “By the time I’m 25, I’ll be married with kids,” they’ll say. Then when they turn 26 and don’t have a baby or aren’t even dating, they find themselves having an early mid-life crisis. What I’m saying is this: Plan your marriage before you plan your wedding!

Recommended book:

What the Bible says About: Love, Marriage & Sex. By David Jeremiah.

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