Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

15 Jan



January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

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Dr. King, Ralph Abernathy, and Andrew Young in Selma, Alabama, 1965, to register blacks to vote.

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“I Have a Dream” Speech on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.



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Rosa Parks and Dr. King.


10 Things Babies Born in 2012 May Never Know About

12 Jan


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1. Phone Books

These days a phone number for a company can be looked up via the Internet and cell phones. Since cell phone numbers aren’t listed in phone books and few homes these days have land-line phones, this eliminates the need for phone books even more.

2. Cassette Tapes

They may not know about records, 8-tracks, a Walkman or CD’s either. Ipods, MP3 players, and Satellite radio are the source for music now.

3. Watches

While some people still wear them, others check for the time on their smartphones.

4. Paper Maps

Many people today can’t read a paper map and a GPS is all most need.

5. Myspace

While Myspace was once the hottest social media network, Facebook and Twitter have taken over.

6. Mail

These days an e-mail or text will do and get the message their instantly. When it comes to bills, they can be checked and paid for online.

7. Cheap gas

Gone are the days of getting gas for $0.99 or less a gallon. Even though gas prices occasionally decrease, they may never reach a few cents a gallon again.

8. Video Game Cartridges

They’ll never have to blow into a game cartridge to get it to work on a game console.

9. Typewriters

Now a letter can be typed using Microsoft Word and printed or simply sent via e-mail.

10. Cursive

Very few schools still require students to learn to write in cursive and many people today don’t know how.


A letter to the Black Enterprise Founder

5 Jan


Dear Mr. Earl G. Graves, Sr.,

I read your apology to Dr. King today and I agree with a lot that you said, but not all. I don’t feel that your generation has failed the Black generations after yours at all. It is because of God, Dr. King, and your generation that I have the opportunities of today. This quote comes to mind, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” I say that to say this: my generation has opportunities now, but it’s up to us to pursue them. Can we use more motivation? Does racism still exist? Are there still struggles for our race that need to be overcome? Yes, of course. We have come so far as a people, but we still have a long way to go.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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If Dr. King could look at the changes that have occurred from the 50’s and 60’s until today, I feel that he would be proud. Our race is full of strong people and we know how to come together in the time of need. Sure a memorial in D.C. and a black President won’t solve all our problems, but the fact that a memorial was made in honor of a black man says that your generation never gave up! We all can do more as a people, but you have to know that your generation has not failed mines. Has the justice system failed us? Do we still have a fight on our hands in matters of education, housing, employment, and other issues? Yes, indeed.

You said in your apology, “You left us with an example and a challenge to make a better world for our children. And we’ve failed you.” Well sir I would have to disagree. Yes it was a challenge, but today my generation has choices. We can choose which restaurant we want to eat in by what we are craving; and not be limited to a restaurant that bears a “Coloreds Only” sign. Although we have wonderful Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we are not limited to those.

I agree that more could be done by all generations, but I disagree that your generation has failed mines. If anything my generation owes your generation and Dr. King an apology. Many of us don’t pursue the opportunities that we are given nor do we appreciate them. While some of us have recognized what it took to enjoy the freedoms that we have today, many in my generation have not.

I would like to say thanks to you and those of your generation and before!


Candace Roberts

Mr. Graves apology can be viewed in:

Black Enterprise Magazine

  • December 2011 Edition
  • Publisher’s Page
  • An Apology to Dr. King by Earl G. Graves, Sr.

Best T.V. Shows of the 90’s

4 Jan


Living Single


The Wayans Bros 

Family Matters

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Cosby Show


Consider the Lily

3 Jan


Flowers of Lilium candidum

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Have you considered the lily? Wikipedia describes the Lilium as “a genus of herbaceous flowering plant growing from bulbs.” Early Christians believed that the lily represented purity. The Chinese meaning of the lily is, “forever in love.” Liliums comprise of several thousand species. Many are fragrant and lilies can be found in various colors. Some are grown and harvested for the edible bulbs.

Consider the lilies short life span. While our life here on earth is short, like the life span of the lilies, Jesus came so that we may have eternal life.

Song of Solomon 2:2 “My darling, among other women, you are like a lily among thorns.” From this verse we can consider the lily and it’s beauty, lilies are beautiful and fragrant. Solomon was describing the woman as beautiful and that she stands out among other women.  Beauty is not only skin deep, beauty also comes from the inside. How many of us have encountered beautiful people with nasty attitudes? Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said it best, “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Consider the lily of the valley. Song of Solomon 2:1 “I am a rose on the plain of Sharon, a lily in the valleys.” Wikipedia describes a valley as a “depression with predominant extent in one direction.” Webster’s dictionary describes a valley as “an area drained by a river.” Geologists describe valleys as “a hollow of the earth bounded by hills or mountains.” Let’s focus on the words: depression, drained and bounded. We have to know that God loves us even more than He loves the lily. This is why he sent His Son to give us eternal life. Even when we are depressed; drained from our everyday struggles; and bounded by fear and setbacks we are still like a lily of the valley. Which means we can stand out even in hard times. No matter how many times we’ve sinned we are still like fragrant and beautiful lilies in God’s eyes.

On July 28, 2007, Thomas J. Williams, Jr. published a book called, Consider the Lily: A Case for Stress-Free Religion. The books description really sums up what it means to Consider the Lily. 

Since the beginning of time, man has attempted to discover the key to unlocking the plan of God. Life would be much simpler if we were to have access to the mind of the giver of life. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple clear-cut solution to life’s struggles? It is human nature to accept complicated answers to complicated questions but if you take a moment and Consider the Lily, you can begin to discover all there is to know of God’s will. You can strengthen your relationship with Christ with a stress-free approach to religion-to heed the words of our Lord and consider the lily. Beyond its beauty, it’s a very low maintenance flower and can thrive year after year without any constant attention. Through a systematic study of the Word of God, it is possible to maintain a calmer, more focused lifestyle; you too can thrive with little maintenance in a stress-free environment. Stress is one of the leading causes of sickness, pain, and death. Stress-related illnesses are rampant in the United States. The prayerful study of God’s Word can provide a strong and meaningful antidote to our crazy and stressful world; we need to take the time to consider the lily to experience life at its best.

Consider the lily as you go forth in this journey called life!

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