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Natural Hair

26 Jan


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Natural Hair and Wigs

3 Nov


Is it okay if you have natural hair and wear wigs? I say: Yes. Maybe you want to switch up your style every now and again. My reason is this: In 2005, at age 17, I discovered a small round bald spot in my hair. Of course I panicked and sought answers. I was told to have Alopecia Areata, which is a medical condition causing hair loss in some or all areas of the body, but usually just the scalp. Thankfully, I didn’t lose all my hair. I had always had really long, thick hair, which in this case was a blessing because it covered what few bald spots I had. The disease can go into remission permanently or for a certain period of time. Mines has been in remission for more than a few months now, thank God! There are many causes for this condition. Heredity and stress played a role in mines. My maternal great grandmother and one of my paternal first cousins had this condition too. I have learned to not stress over practically anything in order to prevent hair loss, another blessing. I definitely handle things differently to prevent stress.

After a few months, I went from having one bald spot to nine at one time. I saw an article about the singer, Brandy, wearing half wigs. I ordered one to try it out and it looked good on me. Eventually moving on to both 3/4 wigs and full wigs. Soon after I cut my hair short out of frustration and wanting my hair to grow back even. After cutting it I just decided to go natural. I didn’t know much about going natural and it was a struggle in the beginning. By this time I had refused to go back to using hair relaxers. I finally got the hang of it thanks to a few Youtube videos, articles and a friend who recommended natural hair products to me.

I still wear wigs and I wear my hair naturally in an Afro and occasionally twisting it. I’ve heard women with natural hair say they wear wigs to switch the style up, to protect their hair in the winter, and the list goes on. If your hair is natural and you decide to wear wigs too, for what ever the reason, just do whatever is comfortable for you.

Few of my favorite natural hair products:

Taliah Waajid                                                                                                                                          Miss Jessie’s (                                                                                               Natural Jenesis (                                                                               Mixed Chicks (

My favorite natural hair Youtuber’s:



Nikkimae2003 (




My natural hair inspiration:

Leela James (

Leela James (


The Color of Beauty

3 Nov

Leela James (


Beauty comes in all shades, sizes and colors. Why is it that so many people still don’t realize that? It’s nearly 2012 and the dark skin versus light skin battle still continues.

Society and media have tried to define beauty in their own ways, but they often leave out the beautiful black sisters. What is even more hurtful is that many in the black community continue to discriminate against their own.

A blond haired, blue eyed, white woman, as beautiful as she is, is not the only classification of beauty. A long haired, thick, redbone, as lovely as she is, is not the only beautiful black woman.

There are some black women today who bleach their skin and straighten their hair to fit in a class of beauty that they didn’t know they were already in. Not knocking the women who invest their money in getting hair relaxers, but a woman who wears her hair natural is gorgeous too.

The self esteem of both, our children and adults, is at stake. Not to leave out our handsome black men in the matter, who face social injustice still, because of the color and tone of their skin. Black men even face discrimination over the way they choose to wear their hair, for instance, dreadlocks.

Ryan Gentles (

Where is the love for our race, history and culture? Whether you’re dark or light skin, have short or long hair, wear hair extensions, have relaxed or natural hair; remember beauty comes in all shades. Remind yourselves and your children of that everyday!

Naturally Natural: My 5 favorite natural hair products!

26 Mar


For those of you who are just starting to go natural or have been natural for a while; I have a few products that I have discovered that I love! I hope this helps you on your journey to become or stay natural!

1. Mixed Chicks Gentle clarifying shampoo and Detangling deep conditioner!

2. Miss Jessie’s Curly pudding! You just put some on your damp hair and let it air dry for natural curls. Everyday use the moisturizer by Miss Jessie’s called, Baby ButterCreme.

3. Organic root stimulator hair fertilizer! This works great and makes your hair grow back fast and strong.  Find this item at or Target.

4. Shea Moisture Organic yucca & baobab thickening moisture mist. Can be found at Walgreens.

5. My most recent discovery is All of their products are great and they also have a Butter Creme Hydrator that works great.

My reason for going natural: I grew tired of getting relaxers and having hair damage. About two years ago, I found out I had Alopecia Areata. I would constantly get small round bald spots all over my head. So, I cut my hair and began wearing wigs and the natural hair process began! Today I have no bald spots and my hair is growing back healthy.  I have a small afro and it is now long enough to twist.

What products do you use?!

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