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26 Mar

Vitamin Angels

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Philanthropy is concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations and performing charitable actions.

I, myself, am a philanthropist and I wanted to shed light on a few causes that I care about, why they are important to me, and how you can help!

1. Vitamin Angels

One in three children are malnourished. Vitamin Angels helps children under 5 get the nutrients they need. Health, nutrition, and fitness are very important in my life. I am always trying to educate others on the things I have learned, health wise. One of my goals is to become a registered dietitian. These children need Vitamin A to prevent Vitamin A deficiency blindness. Multivitamins are also supplied. You don’t even have to give money to help. On the bottom of my blog page, just click and complete a few activities and earn points which convert into donations or click the like button on Matys Healthy Products on Facebook and money will automatically be donated. Visit for more info.

2. Semper Fi Fund

The Semper Fi Fund helps injured Marines pay for medical bills while offering financial support to other military veterans and there families. I am a patriotic person and am thankful for the men and women who serve and I also plan to serve one day soon! Give back to those who fight for our freedom. Donate today at:

3. EarthShare

This non-profit organization helps connect people with other environmental organizations to improve land, water, wildlife, public health, and air conservation and safety. Visit

4. VH1’s Save The Music Foundation

This is important to me because I play several instruments and I was in band in middle and high school. I know instruments are expensive for students and I believe the arts are important. Research shows that students that study an instrument enhance their critical thinking skills and ability to work as a team. Visit

5. Pajama Program

This organization provides pajamas and books to young children. Most of the children they help live in group homes, shelters, and orphanages and many are being abused. You can give money or mail pajamas and books to the program. Visit

Giving back is important to me and I love to help others however I can! There are other charities that I like to give to like the Harlem Children’s Zone. For a list of other charities visit and click on top rated!

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