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Living Your Own Life!

27 Sep


It seems like there is always someone who means well, but comes across as trying to run our lives. It is one thing to give out advice and another to tell someone what you think they should do and how they should do it. Often times it is family who tries to control our every move. We have to just step back and realize that we are adults and capable of making our own decisions. You don’t always have to consult with someone before making a decision. What others tell you might be best for them, but may not work out well with you. If we always do what others want us to do, we can never truly be happy because we are not living our own lives. Some people need to feel like they have to control others. There will be times when we have to discard people from our lives or simply distance ourselves from some people if only for a little while. Whatever decision you make, if it is a mistake, let it be your mistake and not a mistake you made listening to someone else. Sometimes its best to not argue with people and just know that you can do whatever you want. No sense in arguing and getting yourself upset. At the end of the day they will still be trying to tell you how to live your life and you have to know that you don’t always have to take the advice of others. It’s rather funny when an adult tells another adult what they are not allowed to do. Sure we have to respect our parents and elders. Yet, again sometimes we have to distance ourselves if they don’t understand that you are an adult. No matter how many times you tell someone how you want to do something, sometimes they never stop to listen because they are so anxious to tell you how they think it should be. The best thing to do is not consult with them when making a decision and when they feel the need to tell you what to do, just hear them out or tell them you don’t agree! However you choose to handle it, just make sure you are living your life for you and no one else!


Finding My place in the world

19 Jun

How do we find our place in this world? I am traveling from city to city, trying to see where I fit in. In the middle of starting all over again. Writing down my thoughts and expressing my passions through pen and paper; occasionally through electronics to share with the world via world wide web. Taking advice from the elders and meeting new people along my journey. Trying to go to every event that takes place and learning from every mistake, both mines and others. Don’t have to explore religions and different faiths, already found the right path for me there. Taking on every opportunity that comes my way! Haven’t had any children yet, so I am free to come and go as I please. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trying to get the answers to all my questions. Jumping over obstacles because I am staying focused on my goals; to be successful, healthy, and gain more intelligence each day. The world is a scary place, yet I am wandering in the middle of it. Living life with no regrets because I can’t change the past anyways. Never feeling sorry for anything that I said, because it was how I felt at that time. I have changed over the years, which is a great thing. Learning to love people more, accept people for who they are, and not worrying about other people’s negative thoughts towards me. Trying to find the good in every bad situation. Although, I am a realist, I am trying to be more optimistic, seeing the glass as more than half full and letting it overflow sometimes. Trying to find my place in this world and find myself in the process!

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