Black Woman’s Song

By Candace Roberts

I’ve been lied to, hurt and betrayed.
My heart’s been broken and my ancestors were slaves.
I’ve worked two jobs to make ends meet.
I’ve worked hard to keep shoes on my kid’s feet.
I’ve ironed, I’ve sewed, I’ve cooked, and I’ve cleaned.
My own kids have sometimes called me mean.
I’ve had my share of tears and hurt.
At times I’ve felt worthless, like dirt.
I’ve been depressed, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve gone to
I’ve eaten Grandma’s delicious cakes.
I’ve taken care of Momma. I’ve been in fights.
I’ve fallen to my knees every night.
I’ve been embarrassed and I’ve been sad.
I’ve had one bad friend, two bad friends, too many.
Ungrateful men, well, I’ve had plenty.
The joy, the pain, the happiness, the sorrow!
I’ve had my days of not wanting to live to see tomorrow.
Battles, I’ve lost many, but come back strong.
I’ve had those nights that were cold and long.

This is the black woman’s song.


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