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The Kim Kardashian Syndrome

7 Nov


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As much as I like Kim Kardashian, I have to shed light on her current situation. So, what is the Kim Kardashian Syndrome? It’s simply wanting a wedding and not a marriage. Sure, many of us want to have an over the top wedding, wear the expensive ring, and rock that gorgeous white Vera Wang gown down the aisle; but what about the marriage. Yes, people get married with every intention on it lasting forever. The reality is that most marriages these days barely make it past the first few years. In Kim Kardashian’s case, only 72 days. Some people get married and don’t even know their spouse’s middle names, favorite color, or anything about their past. This is why there are now shows like, Who the Bleep Did I Marry? It doesn’t seem to take much these days for couples to want to untie the knot. Throw in a few financial problems, acceptance of an ex girlfriend’s friend request on Facebook, and even arguments over not taking the trash out; and people are ready to split. Not to say that the friend request should not be questioned, especially if there is infidelity involved.

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Why is there such a lack of commitment? Couples vow before God to love, honor and cherish each other, but after a while they catch amnesia and those vows go down the drain. Another thing, people really shouldn’t rush things like marriage anyway. Many people have time limits on when they’ll do things. “By the time I’m 25, I’ll be married with kids,” they’ll say. Then when they turn 26 and don’t have a baby or aren’t even dating, they find themselves having an early mid-life crisis. What I’m saying is this: Plan your marriage before you plan your wedding!

Recommended book:

What the Bible says About: Love, Marriage & Sex. By David Jeremiah.

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Your Friend and Your Ex

4 Nov


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How would you feel if one of your friends began to date your ex? Here’s my theory on it. I don’t understand why anyone would want to have their friend’s sloppy seconds. Doesn’t it cross your mind the fact that these two people were once intimate with each other. Now if I was married or even dating and one of my friends chose to date one of my ex’s, I probably wouldn’t care. I have already moved on! Plus, I either already have or am awaiting someone better. I feel like it would bother the friend more than me, but some people just don’t care. Now if its someone I just broke up with a few days ago, then I would be upset. That means the two had to already have been messing around during the relationship.

Now when it comes to the subject of a friend stealing your man. Of course anyone would be furious. I definitely wouldn’t want anything to do with either person again. Although, there is no need to seek revenge. If the friend is not smart enough to know that that person will leave or cheat on them too, then hey they deserve whats coming to them. Karma is really something, isn’t it?

What I don’t understand about “side chicks” is that why would you want someone else man? Some “side chicks” don’t want commitment and like the idea of him just coming by as needed. However, most end up falling head over heels and want that person all to themselves. Again, if a man or woman is willing to cheat on or leave their spouse for you, what makes you think that he wouldn’t do the same to you in return?! It’s not always that the wife or husband isn’t doing their job at home. Some men just can’t keep their pants on and some women can’t keep their legs closed. Either way, I would rather have a man of my own and not borrow or steal someone from somebody else.

When a friend accuses you of wanting their spouse, it usually is because your friend is insecure or their intuition is telling them something. In reality, their spouse may not even be your type and you’re being falsely accused.

Dating your friend’s ex can be a recipe for disaster. There are so many fish in the sea. Just go get your own man/woman to avoid hurting a friend and to miss out on any bad Karma!

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