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Job Search Websites

16 May

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It isn’t getting any easier for people to find jobs. No matter how much experience or education one may have; it is tough for everybody. I myself am searching for a job. I spend my days job hunting, updating my resume, studying for school, blogging, and trying to stay in shape. I plan to relocate next year to finish school and that may be the best thing for me. I live in a decent sized city in North Carolina and even Craigslist‘s job section is looking dry. Here are some websites to use for job hunting:


Halliburton adding 11,000 Jobs

23 Nov


Over 11,000 jobs are in the making by Halliburton. No experience is necessary! In just two years of on the job training, one can make six figures. Not bad in a damaged economy. This is great news for those who are now unemployed, students, unskilled workers, and college graduates. So, what’s the catch, you may have to move to North Dakota!

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