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Cinnamon Soul

2 Dec

It has been a long time since I have posted here. Since my last post I have moved back to North Carolina, had a baby, moved into my own apartment, bought another car, became a certified nursing assistant, took on 2 jobs, fell out of love, became a vegan, a crunchy parent, and became a stronger person. I have renamed a blog that I already had posted about here. It is a long story as to why, but you can check me out at


Vegan Cleanse

28 Mar

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In the past I have done 2 vegan cleanses. One lasted for 15 days and the other for 20 days! This time I have decided to go for 30 days and longer if I can. I am also going to chronicle my vegan cleanse journey. Here I will tell you what I plan to eat, drink, and exercise. For many this process is not easy. For me not so hard because I have already stopped eating certain foods. Three years ago I gave up pork and red meat and haven’t eaten any since. I also don’t drink sodas and rarely consume sweets. So, you can try giving up one item a month and work your way to the cleanse or just start the cleanse today!

My purpose for doing this cleanse is for several reasons. I want to lose weight, eat healthier, detox, and afterwards I hope to at least keep up a vegetarian diet. There are lots of vegan/vegetarian foods that you can enjoy. I love Boca Burgers (which are totally vegan)! Morning Star makes great vegetarian products that tastes just like chicken and sausage patties, etc. At the end of this I will leave some websites for you to check out. In the past I have lost weight and my skin cleared up during the cleanse. I also drink Silk vanilla soy milk (which tastes great) and sometimes the almond milk.

Mainly during my cleanse I only eat fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and oatmeal! Some people only consume fruits and vegetables during their cleanse, but I add a little more variety. The oatmeal is usually the quick oats or Quaker Oats, not the sugar filled oatmeal. I usually add cinnamon, raisins, and Ideal (a no calorie sweetener)! You can add whatever fruit you like to it. I sometimes mix fruit and vegetables in the blender to make a smoothie, again adding Ideal to sweeten the taste. It is best to eat organic fruits and vegetables during the cleanse, but just do what you can, results will still be seen. The only thing I drink is water, tea, coconut water, soy milk, and diet cranberry juice. If you are going to drink juice make sure it isn’t cocktail and try to stick with the “diet” juices because they tend to have less sugar. I love hot teas; I usually drink green and white teas. There are other teas for specific purposes that you can drink, such as, the cranberry tea to help lose water weight and support the bladder. These are the only drinks I consume, period, cleanse or no cleanse.

When it comes to exercise I try to aim for at least an hour in the morning. Sometimes I will do 30 minutes before work and 30 minutes after work. You can do whatever exercises that you like. I change-up the ones I do during the week. I enjoy Turbo Jam, Wii Fit, The Firm, Paula Abdul‘s Get Up and Dance, and Laila Ali & Sugar Ray Leonard‘s boxing workout!

Here are a few sites that I use that will help guide you through this journey:

3 Drinks you should add to your daily diet!:

Books: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Dvd: Food Matters

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